Jail Operations


Correctional officers are responsible for performing the daily operations and maintenance of The Mecklenburg County Jail as well as providing security to it's inmates. They are also respnsible for transporting inmates to and from court appearances and medical appointments.


Lt. Rodney Clevinger
serving since - April 2005
434.738.6171 ext. 4434


Lt. Clevinger oversees the day to day  operations of the jail and it's staff and reports all activities to the Chief Correctional Officer.


The Mecklenburg County Sheriff’s Office Jail has successfully completed a 3-day audit governed under the authority of the Virginia Department of Corrections for the years 2009, 2010 and 2011. A 100% score was received by the jail which consisted of 118 Standards of Compliance. Audits are performed on a three-year cycle. Inspections which are unannounced are performed on an annual basis.

The audit serves as a necessary enforcement mechanism in monitoring the standards so that local jails and state correctional facilities may be evaluated through a uniform process and be certified as efficient and safe.

All correctional programs and facilities operate under standards that are designed to ensure health, safety and welfare of staff and offenders within a correctional setting.

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"Front Desk"

Deputies Patti Starkweather and Sgt. Bruce King