About Us

Our mission:

Through a partnership with our community, provide all citizens with the highest degree of protection for their lives and property. To develop community responsibility directed at reducing crime and enhancing safety.

The Mecklenburg Co. Sheriff's Office is made up of:
  • 51 Full time sworn members
  • 1 part time sworn member
each classified into the following divisions: We also have specialized units that include members who have received additional training in order to better serve the sheriff's office and our community.

Canine Unit

We have two dual purpose canine units trainined in patrol and narcotics detection. Click above link for more information concerning our canine units.

Dive Unit

The Dive Team is called upon for the recovery of drowning victims, murder weapons, stolen property as well as vehicles. Click above link for more information concerning our dive team.

Hostage Negotiations

We have two deputies who have had additional training as hostage negotiators.


At this time the Mecklenburg Co. Sheriff's Office has 18 officers who are certified DCJS instructors. All of these officers have attended a DCJS approved general instructor course with all but 4 of them possessing a dual instructorship.
Our instructors are trained in Defensive Driving, Defensive Tactics, Firearms, Gang Training and Radar.
We also have a first aid and CPR instructor who is certified through The American Safety and Health Institute.

Tactical Unit

Our tactical unit consists of 12 officers who have extensive training in tactical operations as well as homeland security. Click the above link for more information concerning our tactical response team.

Organizational Chart   

Code of Ethics